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Biazzi Gas Liquid Reactor Systems

Like conventional batch reactors the Biazzi reactor is an agitated pressure vessel. However because of its unique design, compared with conventional reactors it is able to achieve:

bullet  Higher mass transfer rates in heterogeneous systems
bullet  Higher heat removal rate, isothermally so that reactions can proceed optimally without the need to slow them down or to operate in dilute solution because of heat removal difficulties.
bullet  Scale up of laboratory hydrogenation results to any size of industrial scale reactor so that all plants are supplied with a comprehensive performance guarantee covering daily output, product yield and quality, and catalyst consumption. Pilot scale trials are not required. Process scale-up guarantees are given by based on tests executed in Biazzi’s test centre with the raw materials supplied by the client.

Additional Benefits of the Biazzi Reactor Design:

bullet  Agitation is by a proprietary gassing agitator with a Biazzi dry magnetic drive (up to 400 kW) so that problems of pump or agitator seals are effectively eliminated; similarly ingress of pressurised seal flushing liquids into the reaction mixture is avoided.
bullet  Mass transfer is very uniform throughout the reactor, so that there is no part of the reactor where the catalyst can become hydrogen starved, leading to catalyst deactivation or unwanted side reactions.
bullet  The temperature control system within the reactor also ensures that the temperature of all the reaction mixture is maintained very close to the set temperature.
bullet  The Biazzi reactor is a versatile multi-purpose stirred reactor; for example, if required, heavy hydrogenation catalysts such as Raney nickel can be allowed to sediment in the reactor and the product solution decanted off under hydrogen pressure. In this way, catalyst handling may be simplified and loss of catalyst activity minimized.

Biazzi Gas Liquid Reator

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