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Biazzi Laboratory Trials

Biazzi’s modern and well equipped laboratories operated by skilled personnel allow quick and efficient process development.
The R&D facilities are fully equipped with laboratory and pilot plant units which allow the development of the manufacturing process for new products. These units are also used for the confirmation or improvement of existing processes. Thanks to the system offered by BIAZZI, all required technical guarantees, more particularly scaling up of the process to industrial manufacture, can be provided from laboratory rather than pilot scale trials.

Laboratory Equipment and operating window
Reactors capacity: 0.2-1.6 litres
Material: st. steel 316L
Max. oper. pressure: 270 barg
Max. oper. temp.: 270 °C
Operation mode: batch / continuous

Specific experimental set-up and procedures have been developed for the investigation of catalyst recycling and the determination of real consumption figures at industrial scale. An automated data acquisition and sampling system allows Biazzi to investigate reaction kinetics and to establish by-product formation mechanisms.

For more information about Biazzi process development and laboratory trials contact Adrian Cameron