Biazzi Gassing Agitators, Hydrogenation Agitators, Hydrogenation Plants.

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Biazzi SA, a Swiss company situated near Montreux, offers chemical reaction technologies and plants for the fine chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. BIAZZI has been building plants for explosives manufacture since 1936. To date more than 250 units have been realized. More than 50% of worldwide Nitroglycerine production uses BIAZZI Technology.
For nitration products such as DNT for TDI and others, BIAZZI built the first plant in 1946. Since then over 50 plants have been built using BIAZZI technology.

Hydrogenation and other Gas-Liquid Reactions

Biazzi additionally specialise in hydrogenation and other gas-liquid reaction systems such as

bullet oxidation,
bullet carbonylation,
bullet amination,
bullet phosphination,
bullet dehydrogenation, etc.
based on customers’ or jointly developed processes.

To date Biazzi have built nearly 70 gas-liquid reaction systems. These units, predominantly for batch or continuous catalytic hydrogenations, can be built up to 50 m3 useful volume and operating pressures up to 200 bar.

Biazzi Scope of Supply
Biazzi can offer key equipment and basic engineering right up to complete turn-key modular plants requiring connection to utilities only.

Equipment and Services

Biazzi Gas-Liquid Reator Systems
Biazzi Gassing Agitator with Magnetic Drive
Biazzi Laboratory Trials