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Bolz Conical Vacuum Dryer & Blender

Bolz-PT GmbH
Part of the Heinkel Drying and Separation Group

Operating characteristics: Low product shear, low product energy absorption, low thermal stress, high mixing accuracy, high turn-down, self emptying.

Bolz-PT cone screw powder dryers are used for drying solvent or water wet powders. Cone screw blenders are used for batch mixing of powders or as a live hoper feeding downstream equipment such as dryers, mills etc.

The wet powder is charged in to the top of the dryer. The product is agitated and indirectly heated via the dryer jackets. Vacuum is pulled on the dryer vessel reducing the boiling point of the solvent, increasing the possible ΔT and allowing thermally sensitive product to be safely dried. The dryer’s agitation system produces a 3-dimensional mixing action, the mixing screw conveying the powder from the bottom to the top of the dryer while the orbit arm moves the mixing screw through the powder around the dryer periphery. The dryer’s mixing screw can be heated to reduce drying time and minimize product sticking to the mixing screw flights.

bolz conical vacuum dryer and blender