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Bolz Laboratory Conical Vacuum Dryer & Blender

Bolz-PT GmbH
Part of the Heinkel Drying and Separation Group

To serve the specific requirements of the R&D market Bolz-PT has developed the miniDRY® laboratory cone screw dryer blender: working volume of 150 ml to 1.5 litres.

At R&D stages, with only small product quantities available, the miniDRY® fills a growing market niche.
Developing the miniDRY® in collaboration with a premiere Swiss pharmaceutical manufacturer’s R&D department, Bolz-PT has brought together the best in equipment manufacturing with the most demanding of R&D companies. The result is a sophisticated, flexible lab dryer with interchangeable agitator options, a range of ancillaries and full control, instrumentation and data logging. The unit is mounted in a mobile structure and can be installed in a laboratory walk-in fume cupboard. Available for rental and purchase.

To arrange laboratory drying trials please contact Adrian Cameron Ltd

boz laboratory conical vacuum dryer and blender