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Bolz Pilot Conical Vacuum Dryer & Blender

Bolz Dryer Pilot Trials

Bolz-PT GmbH
Part of the Heinkel Drying and Separation Group

Bolz-PT offer small scale conical vacuum dryers for purchase or rental.
Results from pilot dryers can be scaled to provide data for production units.

Rental Pilot Cone Screw Dryers
Bolz-PT has several rental pilot scale cone screw dryers. Capacities range from 10 litres to 175 litres. Product contact materials Stainless Steel. These mobile units are complete modular plants and require connection to services only.
Combined centrifugation and drying trials can be arranged in partnership with Heinkel GmbH. Combined trials can be carried out at the customer’s or Heinkel & Bolz-PT facilities.

To arrange pilot drying trials please contact Adrian Cameron Ltd