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With its high-tech process-oriented systems, FIMA is an expert when it comes to providing customised solutions for moving gases.
An innovation and growth- oriented company FIMA has an excellent international reputation in fluid mechanics. Latest developments include :-

bullet   The compact hermetically sealed MAHECO C+ turbo compressor for use in refrigeration, gas recycling, heat pumps and other systems.

bullet  The Zone 0 blowers, used to transport permanently explosive gases, for instance when emptying tanks in tank warehouses or in flue gas plants in pharmaceutical operations that use explosive media such as acetone. FIMA is holder of construction certificates to the EC directive for explosion groups IIA, IIB1, IIB2, IIB3 and IIB.

Product development, production, control engineering and after sales service are the company corner stones. Serving the global market from their facilities in Obersontheim Germany FIMA employs over 170 people and is active in the oil, petrochemical, chemical, fine chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.
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