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HEINKEL Classifying Centrifuges

Heinkel V630 BKII/III for particle classification

The HEINKEL Classifying centrifuges are used for semi-continuous wet classification of fine, ultrafine and nano-particles in slurries.
The unclassified slurry is fed in to the centrifuge central filling connection. The slurry is then distributed along the base of the centrifuge bowl and travels upward along the bowl unperforated wall. The centrifugal force causes the heavier larger particles to sediment on to the bowl wall while the finer cut leaves the centrifuge bowl still suspended in the feed liquor.

When the bowl capacity is reached feeding is stopped. The coarse particles in the bowl are removed by re-suspending them in water using a whirling peeler to drive the sediment off the wall and back in to suspension. The suspension is then drained from the bowl under gravity.
The particle size cut can be influenced by the bowl rotational speed, the feed rate and the solids concentration.