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HEINKEL Inverting Filter Centrifuges

HF300.1 to HF1300.1
F1 to F4

Operating characteristics: Horizontal filter centrifuge with single feed and wash connection. High turn-down allowing the thinnest possible product cake for really poor filtering products , auto-emptying, total containment, guaranteed product discharge, no residual heel. No mechanisms in the process area. Inversion of the filter cloth during discharge obviates the need for a peeler knife and eliminates product sheer during discharge. Clean-room design available.

The inverting filter centrifuge is charged with suspension via a central connection pipe passing through the solids housing. The solids build an even cake on the filter cloth as the centrifuge bowl rotates. The cake is washed via the charge connection and spun to complete deliquoring. To discharge the product, the filter cloth, fastened to the centrifuge bowl and bowl insert, is inverted by moving the bowl insert in to the centrifuge solids housing. The cake, now on the outer surface of the filter cloth, is easily and completely discharged in to the solids housing while the centrifuge bowl and insert rotate at reduced speed. Discharge

inverted filter centrifuges


Pressure Aided Centrifugation PAC
For improved liquid-solids separation the centrifuge can be equipped with a PAC System. By applying nitrogen to the centrifuge bowl via a rotating feed pipe the product can be dewatered more effectively. The gas can be heated to dry the filter cake.
The PAC system can be retrofitted on to most Heinkel Inverting Filter centrifuges and is most effective with fine particle products <10 μm

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