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HEINKEL Services

All Heinkel services for the UK and Ireland can be arranged by contacting Adrian Cameron Ltd.

Heinkel Maintenance
Mechnical Overhauls and annual inspections carried out by Heinkel’s service engineers covering the Heinkel inverting, peeler and vertical bowl centrifuges.
To arrange service we need to know the centrifuge make, Heinkel, Ellerwerk, GFT, Heine, serial number and the serviec work required.

Heinkel Spare Parts
Spare parts for UK & Ireland Heinkel machines are supplied from the stores at Heinkel Besigheim where a large range of wear parts is held on stock.
To arrange spare parts we need to know the centrifuge make, Heinkel, Ellerwerk, GFT, Heine, serial number and spares required.


Heinkel Control System Upgrades & Electronic Services
The Siemens S5 PLC became obsolete in 2003. Since then Heinkel has offerd an upgrade service to the current S7 system. By working with Heinkel you get a control system programmed by the experts in centrifuge technology and tailored to you process requirements.

Heinkel Used Equipment
To extend the life time of your centrifuge Heinkel offer a complete refurbishment service:
· Renovating your old centrifuge and bringing it up to current mechanical and control system standards
· Buying back redundant centrifuges for refurbishment at Heinkels facilities
· Offering refurbished centrifuges on reduced delivery periods at competitive prices


Heinkel Training

Heinkel’s training programme focuses on the complete range of HEINKEL centriguges and covers the following topics:
· Machine operating principals
· Operation under process conditions
· Control
· Troubleshooting and remedy
· Maintenance
· Process Optimisation

A bespoke training package can be arranged for your operators, maintenance and process personnel to help your company squeeze the last drop out of your Heinkel machine!