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HEINKEL Vertical Top & Bottom Discharge Centrifuges

V630 to V1800

Operating characteristics: Flexible multi-purpose design, high washing and extraction performance. Perforated bowl for filtration. Non-perforated bowl for sedimentation and particle classification. Full size or pivot and dip peeler knives. Bottom discharge via chute or screw conveyor. Top discharge via filter bag removal. Pharmaceutical or chemical industry designs.

The suspension to be separated is filled into the vertically mounted perforated basket at pre-selected loading speed. Under the effect of the centrifugal force, the solid particles settle on the filter fabric on the basket shell while the liquid filters through the product cake and filter cloth and leaves via the centrifuge bowl perforations. Intermediate centrifuge steps can follow to free space in the bowl.
Wash liquor is introduced via a spray pipe after the suspension liquors have been cleared.

To maximise dewatering the centrifuge is then accelerated to maximum speed which is held constant until the limit is reached.
Solids from bottom discharge centrifuges are peeled from the filter cloth using a knife mechanically lowered vertically down the centrifuge bowl.
From the top discharge centrifuge the solids are removed manually by opening the centrifuge lid and shoveling the product out or by lifting out the centrifuge filter cloth bag.

A CIP cycle can then take place.