Heinkel Batch Centrifuges for Filtration,
Particle Classifying and Sedimentation, Powder Valves.

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Heinkel PT GmbH supply know-how and equipment for liquid-solids separation. Today the company combines the know-how and resources of the former Ellerwerk Hamburg, Heine and GFT in Viersen Germany with the well established Heinkel inverting centrifuge business. This combination of companies means Heinkel, from its new facilities in Besigheim near Stuttgart, is able to offer the largest range of batch operating centrifuges at both pilot and production scale.


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Heinkel Inverting Filter Centrifuge
Heinkel Horizontal Peeler Centrifuge
Heinkel Vertical top & bottom discharge Centrifuge
Heinkel Vertical Classifying Centrifuges
Heinkel Horizontal & Vertical Pilot Centrifuges
Centrifuge-Dryer Systems

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