Heinkel, Bolz, FIMA and Biazzi. Process Equipment for the Chemical, Fine Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Food Sectors, UK & Ireland.

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Heinkel PT GmbH
Centrifuges, encompassing the well known names of Ellerwerk, Heine and GFT. Experts in Liquid-Solids Separation, centrifugal filtration & particle classifying. Inverting Filter Centrifuges, Peeler Centrifuges and vertical top and bottom discharge Batch Centrifuges. Classifying Centrifuges & Centrifuge-Dryer systems in collaboration with Bolz-PT GmbH. Pilot Centrifuges.

Bolz PT GmbH
Conical Vacuum Dryers and Powder Blenders. Formerly Bolz-Summix now part of the Heinkel Drying and Separation Group. Laboratory Dryers, Pilot Dryers and Production Conical Dryers and Powder Blenders

FIMA Maschinenbau GmbH
FIMA Gas Compressors, Radial Compressors, Hermetically Sealed Blowers and Compressors, Radial Blowers, Zone 0 Blowers, Gas Impellors and Rotors, High temperature Gas Blowers and Compressors

Biazzi SA
Gassing Agitators, Hydrogenation and other Gas-Liquid Reaction technologies.

Technologies, Services & Components:

Centrifugal Filtration
Centrifugal Particle Classification
Centrifuge-Dryer Systems
Ball Segment Valves
Centrifuge Services

Solids & Powder Drying
Powder Blending
Dryer & Blender Components
Dryer & Blender Services

Gas Blowers
Gas Compressers

Hydrogenation & Other Gas-liquid Reactions